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You Don't Have to Just Survive


For years, the demands of a 24/7 culture have lead to chronic, overwhelming stress, and ultimately, burnout among entrepreneurs, professionals, executives and employees alike. Working and living in the face of chronic uncertainty and burdened by unresolved traumas, it frequently feels like surviving is the our only option. 

What if there was another way? 

What if you could break out of the cycle and move from surviving to thriving?

There is another way. I want to share it with you.

It's the way that saved my life, and it might just save yours, too.


Featured Talks


Even Superheroes Have Kryptonite: Learning How to Stop Burnout and Regain Your Superpowers 

Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout. Understand the individual and organizational cost of burnout. Explore emerging best practices for supporting mental health and well-being within organizations. 

Understanding the Impact of Trauma at Work

More than ever before perhaps, employers and leaders are challenged to know what to do, how to respond, and how to care for their employees--the people who bring their very human lives and human scars to the workplace with them every day. Learn more about how building a trauma-informed workplace can influence the health of well-being of both your employees and your organization. 

Stress Management is a Team Sport

Stress is pervasive in our personal and professional lives. Stress without adequate recovery and resilience profoundly affects individuals, teams and organizations. Learn proven tools and strategies proven to mitigate the impact of stress and to promote resilience, engagement and performance.  

Additional Talks


All presentations are customized to your audience's needs, career and life stage, and objectives. Below is a sample of other topics: 

  • Discovering Your Purpose and Using it to Fuel Impact
  • Thriving at the Intersection of Values and Well-Being
  • Common Traps that Keep People and Organizations Stuck: Perfectionism, Boundaries and Self-Sabotage
  • The Power of Play at Work
  • Mental Illness, It Isn't Cancer: Busting Myths About Mental Health
"Booth Andrews shares her powerful testimony as a perfectionist CEO, striving triathlete, and super-mom, whose life came to a screeching halt when she prepared to take her own life.  For years, Booth denied the impact of chronic stress and mental illness on her work, her family, and her physical health.  Through storytelling, her authenticity and vulnerability captivates the audience and draws people closer to their own truth.  Her story is one of resiliency and hope and translates into actionable takeaways for work and life leadership."


- Tiffany McGee, HR Professional

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Praise for Booth Andrews


"It is both my pleasure and honor to recommend Booth Andrews as a speaker and workshop leader. Booth's authenticity and candor regarding such a pervasive crisis of human well-being is both validating and refreshing. I have had the fortunate opportunity to attend several of Booth's presentations and workshops - each unique in topic, but all with a shared sense of empathy and compassion for all. Through a combination of personal anecdotes and thoughtfully researched content, Booth helps listeners connect to their own vulnerability and challenges, and guides them with tips and techniques to focus on their long-term well-being. 
As unprecedented numbers of employees are now working from home (or should I say living at work), the focus on stress and burnout should be of increased importance. If you are an individual who feels like they are "running on empty" or you lead an organization that recognizes that the demands of the workplace may be overwhelming your people, connect with Booth to begin a journey back to help, resilience, and personal well-being."

Sarah Alexander, Results HR

"Our high-performing team members have significant demands on their time including managing client service with excellence while maintaining work/life integration.  In sharing her own compelling story of ‘running on empty,’ Booth Andrews connected with our employees to help us understand better how to navigate these challenges and she has proven to be a wonderful resource to our firm."


Mouzhan Mangum, Chief Administrative Officer, PYA

"Booth has been vital to our leadership trainings at the Alliance for Better Nonprofits. Her personal experience tied with researched principles makes her a wealth of knowledge. Her vulnerability showcases true leadership."


- Elle Benson, Alliance for Better Non-Profits

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